Office and administrative buildings

Office and administrative buildings

The administrative and public buildings do not require involving many technological processes, which, however, are very important and should go unnoticeable. It is not only about feed and garbage disposal. Competent cleaning, competent operating conditions and management are also very important. We are often involved in the projects of the kind, and they are not limited to those below:


Leonardo Business Centre, Kyiv.

This is a facility in operation successfully implemented in the densely built city centre.

Commercial premises, banks, a fitness center with a pool and SPA, restaurants, underground and aboveground parking providing space for 380 cars are designed as a part of a multifunctional complex in addition to a fully equipped office space with the total area of 40 thousand sq. m.

The construction project of a cultural and recreational and business centre with a parking for boats on the Dnipro embankment in Kyiv.

It is an ambitious and exciting project.


Office and sales complex in Miloslavska Str. (housing est. Troieshchyna, Kyiv) with the total area is 66 500 m2.

Reconstruction and extension of the administrative building of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine in 13/15 Reznitska Str. in Pechersk District, Kyiv.

The Supreme Council of Justice of Ukraine. Renovation.

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