About Us

V. Iatsyn Technology Bureau was established in 2004 as a community of creative engineer-technologists. Members of the bureau were registered as self-employed people who obtained proper certificates of authorization to work on simplified taxation system.
In order to meet customer’s requirements our company was registered in 2011 as Limited Liability Company Vitalii Iatsyn Technological bureau. The bureau received the status of VAT taxpayer on general system.

As of today our company has issued technical documentation on more than 300 projects.
Vitalii Iatsyn Technological bureau is a specialized design bureau which provides services for the technological solutions.

We design:

Why are we?

We are young and talented specialists who have already obtained significant practice. The creative director of the Bureau is Vitalii Iatsyn who has more than 40 years of substantial experience in project management and teaching.
Our company is not limited only to internal employees – we also invite external specialists when dealing with complex and highly specialized projects.

Our Technology bureau has all the necessary modern equipment and software for high-quality and efficient design. We have on hand own best practices, contacts with equipment suppliers, positive reputation in the regulatory organizations, which is vital in optimization of production processes.

We follow international best practices in design and perfectly fit them into local realities respectfully all the necessary regulations.

Our projects are being successfully carried out into production and operate to date.