Food processing & catering, restaurants

Food processing & catering, restaurants

Here are only the most remarkable facilities:


In-flight kitchen (Catering) of 1500 rations per hour (24,000 rations per day) at the Boryspil International Airport is our pride and unique experience.
• It is located at the Boryspil International Airport in close and safe vicinity of parking space for the aircraft in order to allow providing in-flight catering as soon as possible and without delay.
• Total area is about 10 000 sq. m.
• Number of floors – 4.
• The in-flight kitchen (catering) provides a complete cycle of flow of airline meals from kitchen to plane including bakery and confectionery products. In addition to the main shops and facilities, the project provides:
⎫ bulk storage of flour for pastry and bakery production (storage in silos);
⎫ a microbiological laboratory for product quality control;
⎫ a vacuum waste disposal system;
⎫ a laundry for washing uniforms and table linens of the aircraft.

Various food courts as a part of sales and entertainment complexes such as “Caravan”, “Magellan”, “OCEAN PLAZA” and others.


Facilities for the chains of catering establishments such as “Taki-Maki”, “NHL”, “Blinoff” “Tralee-Wali», «KFC», «L’Kafa», «Refectory”.

Various single establishments in Kyiv and Kyiv Region such as “Hagry”, “Sovskyi Yard”, Canteens at Kyiv Medical University and Ministry of Ecology.

Breweries “Magellan” and “Munich Pub.

A number of bakeries, confectionery and culinary production units.

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